Electronic ballast in a steel case, models 07, 09

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Possible models

Ordering code Input DC Voltage, V Number of lamps Lamp type Power of lamps, W Input DC current, A Weight, kg, max Dimensions, mm
EPRA L=50-1Х36-2201-07501FD (FSD)36 (40)0.80.28260x42x29
EPRA L=80-1Х36-2201-07801FD (FSD)36 (40)0.420.28260x42x29
EPRA L=110-1Х36-2201-071101FD (FSD)36 (40)0.360.28260x42x29
EPRA L=50-2Х18-2201-09502FD (FSD)18 (20)0.80.36310x42x29
EPRA L=80-2Х18-2201-09802FD (FSD)18 (20)0.550.36310x42x29
EPRA L=80-2Х36-2201-09802FD (FSD)36 (40)10.36310x42x29
EPRA L=110-2Х18-2201-091102FD (FSD)18 (20)0.360.36310x42x29
EPRA L=110-2Х36-2201-091102FD (FSD)36 (40)0.720.36310x42x29
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  • Lamp preheat time — 2с;
  • Protection classification — IP20;
  • Class of protection I;
  • Material of case — steel;
  • Maximum temperature of case — 70 C;
  • Ambient temperature: — 25 °С- +45 °С;