For fluorescent lamps for AC line

Electronic ballasts are designed to start and ensure the operating mode of fluorescent lamps.

They are installed in luminaires for indoor lighting of public and industrial premises, street lighting, emergency lighting systems.

Advantages of electronic ballasts:
  • comfortable lighting (pleasant non-flickering light without stroboscopic effects and the absence of noise) due to work in the high-frequency range;
  • constant luminous flux of the lamp in the entire range of the supply voltage;
  • reduced energy consumption by 20% (while maintaining the luminous flux) due to the increased light output of the lamps at an increased frequency and a higher efficiency of electronic ballasts compared to electromagnetic ballasts;
  • 50% longer lamp life due to optimal start-up and operation;
  • reduction in operating costs by increasing the life of the lamps;
  • reliable ignition at temperatures up to -25 ° C.
Electronic ballasts comply with the requirements of:
  • for safety - GOST IEC 928;
  • according to performance characteristics - GOST IEC 929, GOST IEC 924;
  • for electromagnetic compatibility - STB IEC

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