For high-pressure sodium lamps

Electronic ballasts are designed to ignite and ensure the operating mode of high-pressure sodium lamps.

They are installed in luminaires for lighting streets, roads, squares, industrial and public buildings.

Advantages of electronic ballasts:
  • high quality of consumed electricity, power factor more than 0.96;
  • constant luminous flux of the lamp in the entire range of the supply voltage;
  • non-flickering light without stroboscopic effects and the absence of noise due to work in the high-frequency range;
  • 20% longer lamp life due to optimal starting and operating conditions;
  • reduction in operating costs by increasing the life of the lamps;
  • reliable ignition at temperatures up to -40 ° C;
  • light weight of the lamp;
  • regulation of power consumption.
Electronic ballasts comply with the requirements of:
  • for safety - GOST IEC 928;
  • for electromagnetic compatibility - IEC 61000-3-2, IEC 61000-3-3, EN 55015, IEC 61547.

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