Linear LED Module 450x20mm FITO: СМ-350DC-450×20-15W-RBW-00-1.00

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Ordering code СМ-350DC-450X20-15W-RBW-00-1.00
Operating current, mA 350
Input power, W 15.4
PPF, mmol/s 35.6
PF, mmol/s 36.7
PPF efficiency 2.3
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Linear built-in LED module 450×20 mm is designed for use in horticultural LED lighting.

LED modules are designed to be used with constant current output type LED driver.

This devices are LED modules with a built-in control device, generally designed as a replaceable part, built into a lamp, housing or the like, and not intended for installation outside the lamp, etc. without special precautions.

LED modules are designed in accordance with the requirements of IEC 56230, IEC 62031.

By agreement with the customer, LED modules can be made with other parameters and overall and mounting dimensions.